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Welcome to Abundant Photos!  Our stock photo library contains THOUSANDS of Royalty Free Stock Photos for your personal use*.  All of the pictures are available in both "thumbnail" format (114 x 85) and in "large" format (2272 x 1704).  We have done this intentionally to allow you the most flexibility in working with all of the stock pictures.

How can you download the pictures?  To download any picture, simply click on the collection from the list below.  The first page in each collection explains a bit about the area where the photographs were taken and provides the user with a few additional resources.  From that page, you will then access thumbnail image pages of the photos.  Each image page has a total of fifteen thumbnails.  If you only want to save the small, thumbnail picture, simply right click on the image you want and hit "Save As".  In the event that you want the large photograph, just click on the thumbnail.  The large picture will open in the same window.  You may then right click on the image and hit "Save As".

What can you do with the pictures?  Just about anything you can think of !  For example, you can:

  • Make headers for your website*  Just look at the header on this page for an example.  It is a very small area (about 1/6th the size of the full picture) of a photo in our collection.  Can you find the photo that we used? 

  • Use the free stock photos as they are (simply shrink the size and place them in a table on your personal website)

  • Use the on-line stock photos as free background images

There are no limits to the uses of our Royalty Free Stock Photos!  Just use your imagination and our upcoming "Articles" resource to find ways that you can work with digital photographs.

Our photos are not perfect, and we'll be the first to admit it.  At first, many might seem to be less than "crisp" or there may be a small smudge here or there (although there aren't many like that).  These photos are still included for several reasons.

First, many times you might want to put text on top of a picture.  We actually take some pictures with this in mind.  These photographs may appear dull and the colors might not be as brilliant. 

Just think about a colored text used on top of the photo.  In addition, you can also use only a portion of the picture in a project - just cut out any smears. 

When using digital photographs in this manner, even the dullest, most boring picture might have a use. If the colors are right for a project, the picture might just "blend in" even when the entire photograph might have been a horrible choice.

Currently, we have the following pictures in our library:

  • Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah

  • Tuzigoot National Monument, Arizona

  • Kolob Canyon, Utah

We will be adding photographs from the following locations to the photo collection:

  • Painted Desert/Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

  • Grand Canyon, North Rim, Arizona

  • The drive from Utah through Colorado (many scenes of the Colorado river, the outskirts of Dinosaur National Park, the Aspen area, and the Vail area)

  • The Villa Valley Railroad Tour, Arizona

  • Albuquerque, NM

  • Fall Leaves (from Michigan)

  • Sunset/Sunrise/Moon pictures

*You are invited to download ANY of the photographs for your own use and enjoyment.  However, doing so does not provide you with any rights other than the right to use such pictures. The copyright to all photos is owned by The Abundance Group, LLC.  If you wish to license specific photos for your commercial use, we charge a fee of $25 per photograph.  When this site is finished, we will provide a mechanism for paying said fees.  In the meantime, for instructions of how to purchase an exclusive license for any stock photo in this free stock photo collection, please contact us via email at Support (at) AbundanceGroup.com.  If you elect to use any photograph from our collection, we would love to hear about it.  Just send us an email.  We will even include the website in our "links" section (provided it is a site appropriate for all ages and does not include any illegal or immoral content).  None of the photographs in this collection may be used in ANY project that is illegal, immoral, or where the website or project is advertised by unsolicited commercial email.  For all uses of photographs contained in the AbundantPhotos.net collection, you must credit the copyright to The Abundance Group, LLC.  All violators will be prosecuted.


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